Nutritional therapists do not diagnose or treat disease, but work to correct imbalances with the goal of gently guiding individuals back on the path to health.  

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One-On-One Consultations; helping you achieve your health goals:

Nutritional Therapy Packages

Initial Consultation

Prior to your initial consultation, we ask you to complete a health history, a detailed 3-day food journal, and a Nutri-Q survey, which will all be reviewed together.  A Nutri-Q is an online questionnaire that has 321 questions based on symptoms you may be experiencing. It provides us important information about your body’s current functionality and guides us in creating an appropriate plan for you.

Initial 60-90 minute consultation includes:

A plan will be developed that works at your pace and complements your lifestyle. Some people are ready to jump right in, and others are ready to make smaller changes and need more guidance.  Together, we determine what you would like to achieve, estimate the frequency of your visits and discuss an action plan.

2 Month Plan

We will meet two times a month for two months.  We will then have 30 minute sessions every two weeks.

3 Month Plan

We will meet  two times a month for three months.  We will then have 30 minute sessions every two weeks.

6 Month Plan

We meet two times a month for six months. We will then have 30 minute follow up sessions every two weeks.

A La Carte

An initial consultation* with recommendations. Follow up appointments are typically 30 minutes long. Call or email for pricing.

Follow ups include topics such as:

Some of the main things you will learn from working with us are:


Health History Document
Food Journal
Nutri-Q Survey

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Descriptions of Restorative Wellness Testing

Below is a list of the tests Marnie offers as a Restorative Wellness Practitioner. Most of these tests can be done from the comfort of your own home and are non-invasive.  During your initial consultation we will discuss if any of these tests could be appropriate for you.  Click on the links for more information.

Functional Adrenal Stress Panel

Guest Speaking

Invite us to inspire and educate your audience!   We love to share our knowledge with health professionals, businesses, conferences, seminars, schools, and mothers’ groups.  Our presentations are all based on the latest research as well as on our clinical experience in working with clients. We make the scientific evidence engaging and easy to grasp, and our wisdom and wealth of knowledge will have your audience remembering your event long after it is over.  Topics that we cover include basic nutrition, stress management, strength training, and many more.  To contact us about booking a guest-speaking engagement, please contact us here:

In Home Personal Cooking

Who would benefit?


Allison has been cooking healthy meals for families in the Boston area for the past 5 years.  She has experience cooking for different food allergies, picky eaters, families, and kids who are always on the go and need fast healthy snacks.

What are healthy meals?

Allison cooks meals that nourish your body.  She does not use sugar, grains, or processed foods.  She uses all organic products, all grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, pork, and eggs, and wild fish and seafood. During the consultation she will go over all of the meals she has to offer. Allison will plan a menu with you, grocery shop, store all food in containers (provided by client), and clean up.  

Client Responsibilities

Client is responsible for getting storage containers and paying for all groceries (not included in rates).  They are also responsible for providing cooking equipment and cleaning products.


Rates will include time spent grocery shopping, travel time, and time at client's house (prep, cook, clean-up, and storing). Please get in touch with for an estimate.

Female Cycling
Hormone Testing

Menopausal Panel

Male Hormone

GI Panel

MRT Food
Sensitivity Testing

“Allison helped me immensely on my journey towards optimal health.  She has a methodical approach which helped me make changes to my lifestyle in a way that worked for me.  Allison uses many tools, including a health questionnaire, to focus on the areas where I needed the most help.  Allison gave me simple suggestions to set me up for success.  Allison has great energy and is very easy to talk to.  I never felt judged and I appreciated Allison's expertise on nutrition, exercise and cooking.“

- Denise

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