Functional Adrenal Saliva Stress Panel

Stress, we all feel it and no one is immune to it! In these busy times it is hard to escape job demands, hectic schedules, illness, and the list goes on.  One of the main functions of the adrenal glands is to enable your body to deal with stress in whatever form it comes.  The adrenal glands release cortisol in times of stress,  “fight” or “flight.” When an imbalance occurs, we can be left with many different symptoms, such as feeling tired-but-wired; having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep; feeling tired in the morning even after a good night’s rest; and/or experiencing low libido, changes in cognitive function, dizziness, muscle fatigue, and/or frequent illness.  This assessment will reveal the health and status of your adrenal glands as well as related hormones. Knowledge of this can help to improve your immunity, thyroid function, and/or (if applicable) transition into menopause.